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So, I Google myself pretty much every week. Say what you will, it’s a good way to see what people got on you out there. That’s how I found out some website had collected all my info and had a page with my full name, phone number, last four addresses AND social security number, but […]

I finally got around to watching The Social Network, and, like everyone else- I really enjoyed it. I’ll try not to say much that has already been said, but I really feel like the film had a profound effect on me. Of course it’s a work of fiction, so the story is entertaining without being […]



Time to make this into something cool, now that my readership is officially down 10000%. I have tons of photos and ongoing fuckery to share with all the people who don’t read this, so I’ll try to eventually post an update or something.

I started working on this as an extra credit assignment for one of my classes, but it’s actually starting to take shape. If it sounds kind of like something Frank O’Hara might write, that’s because it’s supposed to. Untitled 2 In the spring we go dancing I wear new clothes every night And come home […]

Clearly I haven’t written in a while. Honestly I haven’t been doing much. I’m so wrapped up in my own head it’s impossible to see anything else. Am I crazy, or is it everyone else? I feel like I’m walking around in The Truman Show, that everyone knows something about me that I don’t know […]

I shit you not, the ice cream man comes down my block at least five times a day. He has a variety of noisemakers (bells, whistles, kazoos, you name it) and likes to play them to the beat of whatever kid’s song he’s blasting. Right now I’m pretty sure it’s “Jingle Bells.”

I am a pretty big NBA fan-well, really I’m a Lakers fan but come on-is there REALLY any other team in the NBA? Any team other than the Lakers is the so-called “rabbit” team ¬†who is really only there to make the team who is obviously going to win look even better. Clearly the Lakers […]