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I feel like everyone is out partying tonight except me. Usually on nights when I don’t have plans I just hit up the liquor store and drink until something fun happens. The cool part about that is, even if something fun doesn’t happen, I would already be drunk which is entertainment in and of itself. […]

Oh My God


Family wedding+sobriety+stuck in a room w/Grandma=HORROR. My cousin is getting married Labor Day weekend in Minneapolis. I was kind of looking forward to it (new dress, open bar, hurrah!) until my mother called me and asked if I wouldn’t mind sharing a room with my 92 year old grandmother. I love my Grandma, of course, […]

I just woke up from a dream in which I was running from table to table at a Las Vegas pool, licking the condensation off of everyone’s mojito glasses. I have an appointment with another shrink today. Hopefully this one can be a little more discreet when I shock her with my (edited) former self. […]



I don’t know about you all (and by “you all” i mean the two people who actually read this…one not including myself), but I consider Facebook to be less a social networking tool than a tool for looking up old high school frenemies and gloating over how fat most of them got and how I […]

By now, everyone has heard of Tom’s: he’s the guy who came up with the great idea to donate a pair of poorly-crafted, environmentally friendly (read: ugly) shoes to a child in need for every pair that is bought. When I first heard of this, I thought, “Great! Someone concerned with the welfare of the […]