Thinking About Facebook


I finally got around to watching The Social Network, and, like everyone else- I really enjoyed it. I’ll try not to say much that has already been said, but I really feel like the film had a profound effect on me. Of course it’s a work of fiction, so the story is entertaining without being necessarily truthful, but what really stuck with me were the ideas of loneliness, of wanting, and of connectivity- and how Facebook brought all of these concepts together to reform the way we view our real lives, not just our Internet personas. That’s what Facebook has become- real life, interchangeable with the life we live in 3D. Does anyone remember Shit, even Myspace is applicable here. What I’m getting at is that these pre-Facebook failures grew at an exponential rate, and then disappeared just as quickly once something better comes along. What’s next after Facebook? Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment- how many of us can really imagine life without it? If something “bigger” and “better” comes along, I’m almost afraid to move forward. What’s behind the door? Do I even want to go there? And what does it mean about us that the biggest social movement (so to speak) was created by a lone wolf, a man willing to sell out his only friend for revenge (supposedly)?


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